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Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey

We just received word that Pat died in 2016 from complications of a heart condition. His sister, Barbara, informed us that his health had detioriated after the death of his wife. 

After a teaching career at Marin Catholic and Sonoma High School, Pat retired and lived for a time in Lincoln, CA.

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05/04/22 02:31 PM #1    

Sandra (Sandy) Rosso

I was so happy to see Pat at our 50th Reunion.  He always called me "Sand" and did so when he came up to me, and as he hugged me he said, "Its me, Sand, Pat Casey".  As if I wouldn't know who he was.  He hadn't changed a bit.

I treasure that memory of him very much.  

love to you, Pat.....................Sandy Rosso

05/05/22 04:30 AM #2    

Spencer Merryman

I was just strongly taken aback about Pat Casey. He was such a great person, always friendly and full of life. It is such a shock to see some of the old friends from MC go.

Spencer Merryman

05/05/22 08:44 AM #3    

Michele O'Brien (Lara-Sierra)

Pat and I went through Grammar School together, and our families were friends.  He was a great guy; gone but not forgotten.  

05/05/22 09:42 AM #4    

Melodie Yoell (Behm)

Pat and his family were friends since we were kids at St Patricks Parish. Pat went to LCM and I went to St Raphaels and St Anselms. We reconnected at  Marin Catholic for 4 years of fun, mischief and a wonderful friendship. I miss knowing he is here and was hoping to see him again at a reunion. I sure hope we have one soon to remember all these dear friends that have left us these last few years.


05/11/22 05:07 PM #5    

Tom O'Doul

Pat Casey was probably the toughest guy on the football team. Pat was our center and a darned good football player. I remember he had broken his arm and was in a cast. He wanted to play so bad, he took the cast off, put on his pads and told the coach "I'm fine. I can play". I'll never forget that. R.I.P. my friend.

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