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Peter Mitchell

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04/09/22 02:20 PM #1    

Malcolm McLorg

With Peter's wife Veronica and daughters Colleen and Lauren's permission, I am forwarding Lauren's communication of the news of Peter's passing on April 5, 2022.  


I am very sad to say that our dad passed away on April 5 in the ICU at about 3 am.  His blood pressure started to drop, and he died peacefully within minutes. The day before in a meeting with the doctors and nurses, We had clarified with them that his advanced directive was to not administer CPR. 

 Mom, Colleen and I are all very grateful that he went quickly and was at 100% full Peter capacity until a week and a half before his death.

 To give you a bit more info, Monday we got the news that they had to put him back on a ventilator because his oxygen levels had dropped.  The doctors were clear with us that his condition had been declining since last Monday, and they began to prompt us to think about what his wishes were, quality of life, and how long we wanted to have him in the ICU on a breathing tube, feeding tube, etc.

 I am very grateful that we didn't have to make very difficult decisions about removing the various life supports to allow him to move on.  I feel like that was a last gift from Dad.

Before Colleen left the ICU, she told him that we were ok if he was ready to leave his body behind.  And I think he was ready.  

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.  We know that you loved and enjoyed Peter as much as we did.  We feel so lucky to have had such an amazing person in our lives.  

 Please feel free to forward this on to any family members or friends. 

Love to you all.

Veronica, Colleen and Lauren


On a personal note, Peter and I have been the best of friends since our freshman year at MC when we ran home from football games together and then off to St. Mary's together.  He was the dearest of friends - one with whom I have been in constant contact all our lives. I will miss Peter terribly.  


04/09/22 02:47 PM #2    

Nancy Friel (McIntyre)

I am saddened to hear of the passing of our dear classmate, Peter Mitchell. So glad to hear that he left this earth quickly and without pain - only lots of love and care from family and friends. I remember Pete as a scholar, with a great sense of humor and compassion. I know he will be missed. May he Rest In Peace.❤️


04/10/22 03:06 PM #3    

Tom O'Doul

I'm so very sorry to hear of the passing of my friend and classmate Peter Mitchell. Pete was one of the "good guys" I feel lucky to have known him and shared some good memories of our high school days together. R.I.P. my friend.

04/11/22 05:10 PM #4    

Carole Perelli-Minetti (Campagna)

Such a shock to learn about Peter's passing. Peter was such a kind soul, a true gentleman. His daughter's message on the MC site described his passing with such compassion. He will truly be missed




04/11/22 07:30 PM #5    

Melodie Yoell (Behm)

On April 5th we received a sad phone call from dear friends Lindsey and Malcolm McLorg. They told us that Peter had passed away in the early morning. We had been following his progress after surgery and keeping positive and prayerful thoughts.

All encounters and thoughts of Peter were always happy and joyful. This is heartbreaking. Peter and I go back to the 4th grade at St. Anselms School and have been friends for 70 years. 

We saw Peter and his wife Veronica at a Holiday lunch in December and, as always, laughter and rememberances ensued. At one point he leaned over to me and said, "Do you realize we have known each other forever.?  Remember bike riding between our houses after school?"

I remember so many things. Talking in class and getting detention....a lot ! We didn't care. We talked in detention and got in more trouble! Always happy memories, always laughter and always a wonderful friend.

Peter was a terrific person. Peter was kind, generous, happy and smart!  Peter was a contented person who

kept family, friends and his faith close. 

When he retired I asked how he was enjoying being retired. "I love it", he said. "But I am a very easily entertained!" Being easily entertained Is a true sign of contentment. He adored his life with Veronica and his two girls and his grandchildren.  I know this because he told me often.

I told this in an email to the "gang" after our sad exchanges and I think it worth repeating. After hearing the news my thoughts went to Dorothys words at the end of The Wizard of OZ. Dorothy said to the Scarecrow, " I think that I will miss you most of all."



04/12/22 01:14 AM #6    

Spencer Merryman

To all my classmates,

I woke up this morning and checked my emails and saw that Pete Mitchell passed away. This was a real shock to me. During my years at Marin Catholic I always sat next or behind Pete as our last names both began with M. Pete was a great student and friend. I always had admiration for him. He was brilliant and full of life. We will never forget him. The last time I saw and talked to him was at the 2010 reunion in Greenbrae as he was just as sharp as ever as was everyone else there. That was also the last time I will ever see Roger Wishard, Betsy and Glenn Cheetham again. How sad! 

All the best to my classmates and to the family of Pete.



04/12/22 07:15 AM #7    

James Klein

Hey Peter, Your positive energy lives on. Thank-you for sharing it with me during our years at Marin Catholic. Jim

04/12/22 10:40 AM #8    

Melinda Hilton (Ferris)

My prayers and deepest sympathy are with Pete's family. Our lives are much more fragile and fleeting than we realize.  

04/12/22 04:47 PM #9    

Sandra (Sandy) Rosso

To the family of Pete Mitchell:   Loss is not easy.  Why should it be?  Someone you love with your heart and soul has passed into another dimension.  Your eyes may not physically see him, but your hearts will always feel his presence.  That is the gift. That he passed quietly is so beautiful. 

I will miss his sweet face always looking like he had a joke to tell and was already laughing about it.  

We were blessed to have such an incredibly close Class of 1960.  We miss all those who have gone before us.  In wondering about truly is "just for today."

My love and prayers go out to all of Peter's family.

04/16/22 12:29 PM #10    

Joe Behm

Peter's funderal mass was held on Saturday, May 14th at 1:00 pm at St. Anthony's Church, 1000 Cambridge St, in Novato. Click on the link below to view Pete's obit.

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